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The Chief

The Much Hon. D. W. Paisley of Westerlea
D. W. Paisley of Westerlea, Chief of the Name and Arms of Paisley of Westerlea and Chieftain of the Paisley Family Worldwide.

Westerlea succeeded his cousin, Major Thomas B Paisley of Westerlea, as 16th Head of Family in April 1992, and was recognised in the name of Paisley of Westerlea by the Court of The Lord Lyon, Edinburgh, on the 17th of May, 1993; he is married to Jane, the Lady Westerlea (née Rankin). Westerlea has three daughters; Sarah, the Maid of Westerlea; and twins Claire and Olivia. He is a Freeman of Glasgow and patron of Kagyu Samye Ling Monastry and Tibetan Centre Eskdalemuir.

The Chiefly Arms of Paisley of Westerlea
Westerlea retired from the Regular Army in 1990, having served in The Gordon Highlanders, RAOC, and latterly The King's Own Scottish Borderers (TA). In 1991/92 he attended the Barony College of Agriculture, Dumfries, after which he managed an estate development project before taking up the appointment as Field Officer and Regional Liaison Officer for the Scottish Landowners' Federation in SW Scotland. In 1997 Westerlea stood as a Parliamentary candidate for the Referendum Party.

Currently, Westerlea is Chief Assessor (Scotland) for The Guild of Mastercraftsmen. He is also a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries, Scotland.

Seat (of old): Westerlea House, Angus
Residence: Ardtalla, Kirkburn, Slamannan, FK1 3AE
Tel: 01324 851535
Club: The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh
Style: The Much Hon. D. W. Paisley of Westerlea

The guidon

The guidon, similar to the standard, is assigned by the Lord Lyon to Chiefs, Chieftains, Barons and Lairds who can demonstrate a substantial following. The guidon was granted by the Lord Lyon on 3rd April 1997, and was recorded on the 103rd page of the 78th Volume of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland (29 Sept 1997)

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